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MF Live&Well in London:Keith Mansfield Interview

Here is an Exclusive sneak peak at the Keith Mansfield(Producer) interview that is featured in the booklet for MF Live&Well in London.....Interviewed By Gary Gillies on 05/26/2020

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Keith Mansfield

"I was always a big MF admirer at 18 I bought “Message from Newport” what a sound.. so to eventually work with him was a joy.

Jazz was not fashionable in the 60s and 70s it was pop so when I joined CBS Records I was an arranger and went on to become Producer  also had a number of recording out of my own

I was put in charge of his first album for CBS he was signed to a one album deal  “The Ballad Style of Maynard Ferguson” a commercial album that did quite good using session players that I would use for recordings.

I went up to meet Maynard in Manchester  where he was staying with Ernie Garside, we got on very well so I was looking forward working with him.

The album did well so CBS signed MF to a two album deal.

  The World of Maynard Ferguson (MF Horn 1 in the USA) was the next album and I found that we were short on numbers also arrangements we had Kenny Wheeler and Adrian Drover who came up with great arrangements and due to my pop background we went more for commercial type of tracks brought in a pop/jazz/rock sound.

 I had already written some tracks that were in the music library that I had not used so I pulled out also arranged them (L Dopa was one but it never had a title) and it was this album that was a success here in the UK but in the USA it was a massive hit!

We then went on to record Alive and Well in London at Lansdowne studio and once again I pulled out a few tunes ( The Serpent)and we decided to again use pop tunes keep it commercial but still make it of quality...and it was!"

Interview Continues in Booklet where Keith talks more about the recording session for Alive&Well in London

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