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Don Ellis- ‘The Hindustani Sextet’

Don Ellis

‘In Search Of Don Ellis’

A new series of 4 special releases

‘The Hindustani Sextet’

Comprising officially licensed and previously unreleased material from his personal collection of reel to reel tapes, ‘The Hindustani Sextet’ is the first in the fascinating ‘In Search Of Don Ellis’ series and is released on 24 June 2022. The series celebrates Jazz trumpeter, drummer, composer and bandleader Don Ellis with a quartet of limited edition CD [only] through Sleepy Night Records. The company that brought you the Number One jazz album ‘Miles Davis: The Lost Quintet’ is delighted to release this very special series which will be limited to 500 numbered copies only and will not be made available digitally.

This first CD dates from 1966 when Don was the first jazz artist to bring in Indian music with a group called The Hindustani Sextet. Don initially studied at UCLA with Hari Har Rao (who was a friend and associate of Ravi Shankar for 12 years). This led to his insatiable interest in the use of ragas and odd, or exotic, time meters (common to Indian music) in jazz and western music. The core Hindustani Jazz Sextet consisted of Don Ellis, trumpet; Gabe Baltazar, alto saxophone, flute; Emil Richards, vibraharp; Dave MacKay, piano, tamboura; Chuck Domanico, bass; Steve Bohannon, drums and Hari Har Rao, sitar, dholak and table.


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