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Sleepy Night Records is pleased to release this historical collection of songs and performances by the 1970’s group, “Chase” led by trumpeter Bill Chase from 1969-1974.

This double-CD “Anthology” is a special numbered collector’s edition of only 500 copies worldwide and is only available as a CD (no streaming or downloads)it assembles the works of an incredible group of musicians by showcasing selected songs and performances, mostly played live or in rehearsals, sprinkled with a couple of studio cuts. None of these recording have appeared on the Chase Club series.


Let’s start the year with news that selected Chase tracks will be released on limited edition Orange numbered ( Only 200) vinyl worldwide.

We now want to target the growing vinyl market with this release of selected tracks from the double CD, mastered for vinyl. We hope this will introduce Chase to a new audience.

This will be the first vinyl "Chase" release in nearly 50 years!

Pre Order now, and get a low numbered edition.

Linda Chase & Gary Gillies.


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