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Sleepy Night Records has been putting out music for over 10 years, run by Father & Son team, Gary Gillies and Sean Gillies. Sleepy Night is an independent record label dedicated to the preservation of rare, unreleased, recorded and live audio .

Current artists include legendary trumpeters Maynard Ferguson, 

Don Ellis. Miles Davis,Chet Baker and Freddie Hubbard.


Sleepy Nights Records is now Signing original artist and expanding outside the world of jazz. There first major signing Lasse Lindgren!


In 2020 Sleepy Night will Introduce Country,Blues and Classical to there catalog

Principal Label Staff:

Gary Gillies: Co-Owner / CEO

Sean Gillies: Co-Owner/ CEO

Ken Masters: Producer / Special Projects / Marketing & Promotion

Colin Smith: Web site/Tech/ Production

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